Chief Executive Officer Norwegian Training Center – Manila, Philippines

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Established in 1990 by the Norwegian Shipowners' Association (Norges Rederiforbund), NTC-M has earned recognition as a leading maritime training center, playing a vital role in the global maritime industry. Offering a diverse array of courses and programs tailored to enhance the skills, knowledge, and competency of seafarers across various ranks and disciplines, NTC-M has become an integral part of the industry.

One of the notable programs administered by NTC-M is the 4-year cadet program initiated in1993 by the Norwegian Shipowners` Association. Since its establishment, 6,000 cadets have graduated from the program, and it currently enrolls 1,200 aspiring seafarers. It has played a significant role in shaping the future workforce of the maritime industry by delivering top-notch education and training programs.

Operating from a modern educational facility in the heart of Manila, equipped with over 40 state-of-the-art simulators with VR capabilties, NTC-M boasts a dedicated team of experienced instructors, trainers, and maritime professionals committed to delivering exceptional education and training programs.

Chief Executive Officer
Norwegian Training Center – Manila, Philippines

We are seeking a dynamic executive to join NTC-M as our new CEO. In this role, you`ll lead the prestigious Norwegian Training Center in Manila, Philippines, driving its commitment to maritime excellence and fostering collaboration with the Philippines to enhance the skills and competence of seafarers worldwide.

Key Responsibilities

≈ Provide strategic leadership and direction to the center, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and objectives.
≈ Oversee the day-to-day operation, including program development, implementation, and evaluation.
≈ Foster partnerships and collaborations with industry stakeholders, educational institutions, and regulatory bodies to enhance the quality and relevance of training programs.
≈ Lead and mentor a dedicated team of instructors, trainers, and administrative staff, fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement.
≈ Manage financial resources and budgets to optimize efficiency and effectiveness in program delivery.
≈ Represent NTC in industry forums, conferences, and events, promoting the center`s reputation and impact on the maritime sector.

Qualifications / Experience
≈ Leadership experience in the maritime industry, preferably as a Master Mariner, with a proven track record of success in program management, partnership development, and team leadership.
≈ In depth knowledge of maritime education and training requirements, industry trends, and regulatory standards.
≈ Experience with communication, negotiation and with the ability to build and maintain relationships with owners and various stakeholders.
≈ Experience working in a multicultural environment, with an understanding of cultural differences and the ability to promote diversity and inclusion within the organization.
≈ Ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing.

≈ Bachelor`s degree from Naval Officers school, Maritime Studies, Business Administration, Education or other related field.
≈ Advanced degree such as Master`s or MBA is beneficial.
≈ Relevant certifications or qualifications in maritime training, education management, or leadership development.

≈ An executive who thrives on exploring new ideas and approaches, cultivating an environment where creativity flourishes, and innovative solutions are encouraged.
≈ Demonstrates humility and respect for diverse cultural perspectives, valuing and leveraging differences to drive inclusive decision-making and collaboration.
≈ You can foster a culture of trust, autonomy, and ownership, while effectively delegating responsibilities to encourage growth and development.
≈ You have a knack for building and nurturing relationships, leveraging connections within and beyond the maritime industry to drive collaboration, innovation, and strategic partnerships.

Why work for NTC-M?
Impactful Work: Working at NTC-M means contributing to the development and improvement of maritime education and training programs, ultimately helping to shape the future of the industry and positively impact the lives and careers of seafarers worldwide.
Professional Growth: You will have access to continuous learning and development opportunities, allowing the enhancement of your skills, knowledge, and qualifications in the maritime industry.
State-of-the-Art Facilities: NTC-M boasts a modern workplace with the latest technology, resources and simulators, facilitating efficient workflow, collaboration, and innovation.
Networking Opportunities: Employees have the chance to build valuable connections and network with industry stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and educational institutions, enhancing their professional network and opening doors to future opportunities.
Exciting Location: Working in Manila offers the chance to experience the vibrant culture, diverse cuisine, and rich history of the Philippines. From exploring bustling markets to beautiful beaches, Manila provides an adventurous lifestyle.
Competitive Benefits: The position offers competitive salary.

For further information, please contact our advisors at Belsenso Executive; Ole T Moy, +47 92 88 33 11 / or
Ole-Magnus Askholt Moy, +47 97 30 34 44 /

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