CEO of Easee: A European market leader in green-tech


Easee aims to shape the future of the power grid and corporate culture. This involves building scalable and future-oriented technology while leading the way and prioritizing people. Easees ecosystem of innovative products and services paves the way for the power grid of the future – a grid that distributes power more efficiently and utilizes capacity more intelligently.

Easee was established by three entrepreneurs in 2018, and design, develop and manufacture products in Scandinavia, exporting them to the whole of Europe.

Easee has set a goal to become climate-positive by 2050 with the purpose to ensure focus on both people and our planet through development and production.

The formula is simple: “happy people, happy products, happy customers & planet”

Chief Executive Officer

Easee commits to developing products and services that are an integral part of an ecosystem accelerating electrification worldwide. The products and services aim to save people and the world time, energy, money, and resources – contributing to a more sustainable future for humanity.

We are seeking a CEO who, alongside founders, owners and the rest of Easee, wants to be a part of writing the next chapters of the story. A CEO who understands that the mission extends far beyond “just” product development – someone eager to set a new standard and contribute to shaping the future of the power grid and corporate culture.

We are looking for a leader with the force, belief and desire to execute and realize our vision, mission and product vision. At Easee, it’s more than just the destination; it’s about the journey and how to get there – together. We believe in the importance of doing things the right way. This means consciously facing resistance at the right place, not taking shortcuts, and making tough – but right – decisions that leads to growth both as individuals and as an organization.

As CEO of Easee, you will lead a dedicated team of professionals towards shared goals and continue the global growth. You will play a key role in realizing the company’s vision and ensure results.


The right candidate has been instrumental in getting things done and with a track record of execution and achieved results. You have executive and operational experience from international scaling within hardware, software and cloud with demonstrated positive results. You have deep and broad business acumen, understanding of how innovation operates, and a strong comprehension of the tech industry and its market dynamics.

You understand and identify with Easee’s vision, mission, and values, and are dedicated to maintaining, strengthening, and developing a unique corporate culture based on empowerment, ownership, feedback, empathy and compassion. You inspire employees, partners and others to take initiative and engage wholeheartedly in the company’s goals, and are able to build company structures while simultaneously set expectations by being able to hold people accountable for their own results for Easee.

Shaping the future is not a walk in the park and far from a comfortable journey. Shaping the future is turbulent, tough, and at times a solitary affair. To succeed in our mission, we need someone with strong resilience that can handle adversity, resistance, and conflicts with empathy, without losing composure, motivation, or determination.

If you want to shape the future of the electrical grid and corporate culture, we want to hear from you.

For questions please contact Øisten Magnussen, Partner at Assessit, on mobile +4790106060 or email Kenneth Ryvoll Klev, Daglig leder at Assessit, on +4797064624 or email Mats Frydenberg, Manager at Assessit, on +4798084929 or email

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