Head of Sales & Distribution/ Managing Director of the newly established company NRP Capital Advisor

Ness, Risan & Partners (‘NRP’) is an independent and privately-owned investment firm. Our clients include family offices, private investors, investment companies, foundations, trusts and institutional investors. NRP offer direct investments and fund solutions within cleantech, real estate, shipping, and offshore sectors.

NRP consists of an investment firm and three AIFMs, all licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. In addition, they have a certified public accounting company with authorization from the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway to act as depositary for AIFs.

NRP also offer investment companies corporate finance services, private and public placements, project financing, asset management, corporate management, and accounting services.

The company was founded in 2000 by Christian Ness and Ragnvald Risan, and currently has 80 employees.

NRP is currently in the process of reorganizing its sales activities by establishing a centralized group sales force to be named NRP Capital Advisory AS (‘NRP CA’).

Sales and Distribution is a core function in the NRP group. Maintaining and growing assets under management is paramount to attract and retain talented investment managers that deliver outstanding risk-adjusted return to investors. We believe that successful Sales and Distribution can only be obtained through team effort, a systematic sales process and hard work.

NRP CA will from day 1 have direct access to existing distribution agreements for all funds and projects from the NRP Group companies in addition to an existing investor list. The ambition is to strengthen the sales of NRP’s funds and to create a profitable and stand-alone sales and advisory company.

The company’s majority owner will be the NRP Group, but leading and qualified employees will get the opportunity to become partners.

NRP is searching for a new Managing Director/Head of Sales & Distribution to the newly established company NRP Capital Advisory AS. The position requires a dedicated and engaging leader that views herself/himself as a character with strong execution and coaching skills.  The right person is self- motivated by building and maintaining a winning team.

JOB DESCRIPTION - Head of Sales & Distribution / Managing Director of NRP Capital Advisory AS

The Sales & Distribution function will be organized as a subsidiary of Ness, Risan & Partners AS and the Head of Sales & Distribution will also be the Managing Director of NRP CA.  The position is located in Oslo, Norway and will formally report to the Board of NRP CA. The head of NRP CA will upon commencement manage a team of three motivated and competent individuals. 

The Managing Director/Head of Sales & Distribution is responsible for creating and implementing NRP’s strategy for Sales & Distribution:

  • Expand the existing sales team and build a strong culture to ensure that the team has a clear understanding of relevant goals and the sales process required to reach them.
  • Set clear goals for the team, as well as the contribution from each salesperson. Coach each individual through the sales process so that the goal of the team can be reached.
  • Establish and maintain a mix of distribution channels for each target market as defined by the relevant producers, including third party introducers and placement agents.
  • Provide the marketing function with market intelligence sourced from direct engagement with both existing clients and new prospects.
  • Engage closely with marketing and investment teams to ensure agreement on how each team/investment program is pitched to prospective and existing investors.
  • In co-operation with the investment managers, set high standards for all elements related to relevant distribution and sales strategy for each fund.
  • Agree with each asset manager/investment team an appropriate distribution strategy for each of their funds, detailing both goals and sales activities.

Skills and background required for the position:

  • Education and work experience that satisfies the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority criteria.  NRP has numerous licenses related to provision of financial services. To be accepted as the firm’s Managing Director certain requirements relating to education and work experience apply.  The applicant must have a clean certificate of conduct with police authorities.
  • Commercial acumen and willing to provide excellent service to both clients and colleagues.  Problem solving skills, ability to identify clients’ needs and to find and present good solutions is important. We seek an ambitious person with a “can do” attitude who wants to deliver and set a good example for customers and colleagues.
  • Able to be both a team leader and team player.  Structured “people person” that works well with others. Excellent leadership skills and ability to set clear goals and coach team members through the sales process.  Interacts with colleagues on a responsive and smooth way. Excellent communication (written and oral), inter-personal and public speaking skills. Listening, communicating, and going into any conflict in a constructive and result-oriented manner.
  • Performance-oriented.  Sets high goals and works hard to achieve them. Is proactive, motivated, and focused on work and actively seeks new challenges. Wanting to win but also be a contributor in helping colleagues to perform. In addition, you have a proven track record and relevant financial skills.  
  • High integrity and trustworthy appearance.  Good values and norms, with actions that correspond to this. Good appearance that creates confidence internally and externally will also be emphasized.
  • Robust.  Must be able to handle major challenges in an organization and communicate well in situations where such is required.

Our values and what we offer:

Our acronym LYNOR contributes to a good working environment. We want our employees to enjoy their time at work and come back home with a smile on their faces.

  • LAGSPILL - Teamwork Essential to achieving our goals, not just internally in NRP, but also with our partners and clients.
  • YDMYK - Humble We shall be confident in our skill set and our solutions, but always value the input and knowledge of our clients, partners, colleagues, and competitors. With managing great wealth comes great responsibility.
  • NØYAKTIG - Precise We are accurate with our numbers and precise in our communication.
  • OFFENSIV - Proactive Working in a fast paced and dynamic industry, we must perform at the highest level, and at the same time gather and use information to leverage new opportunities and solutions.
  • REAL - Straightforward We shall treat our clients, partners, and colleagues the same way we want to be treated.

If this seems interesting, please apply via www.financepeople.no. For questions, please contact André Herlofsen on
934 80 266/andre.herlofsen@financepeople.no. According to GDPR, you are requested to apply through the system and not directly to the contact person listed in this ad. All inquiries will be treated confidentially. Applications will be reviewed on a continuous basis.


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