Fearnley Securities AS

Fearnley Securities AS

Fearnley Securities is a leading independent full-service investment bank with a concentrated focus on maritime industries. We serve a prominent and diverse set of clients out from our offices in Oslo and New York, which includes leading domestic- and multinational corporations operating within our core industries, major institutional investors, family-offices, financial sponsors, and select high net worth individuals.

The firm was founded in 1987 on the premise to capitalize on the long maritime traditions, strengths and resources within the Astrup Fearnley Group. Fearnleys traces back to 1869 when Mr. Thomas Fearnley established a small-scale shipbroking firm in Oslo, Norway. 

Today, The Astrup Fearnley Group is a leading provider of professional services to the global maritime industry, offering a complete range of services such as; ship- and offshore brokerage and chartering, sales & purchase transactions, contracting of newbuildings, research and intelligence, advisory and consulting, and securities brokerage and investment banking.

The Group has approximately 350 employees worldwide and a strong global presence with operations in Oslo, London, Paris, New York, Houston, Santa Barbara, Mumbai, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore.

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