Aker Clean Hydrogen AS

Aker Clean Hydrogen AS

Aker Clean Hydrogen develops, builds, owns, and operates clean hydrogen production facilities at industrial scale. The company is building on core capabilities from the Aker group to become the most efficient hydrogen value chain integrator in a fast-growing global market. Aker Clean Hydrogen has a portfolio of industrial clean hydrogen projects and prospects with a total capacity of 1.3 GW under development, and additional pipeline and opportunities of 4.7 GW.

The world needs clean hydrogen to meet the Paris Agreement. In Europe, more than 50% of the required CO2 reductions rely entirely on clean hydrogen as an energy carrier or as feedstock to industrial processes. Our purpose at Aker Clean Hydrogen is to accelerate this transition and become a preferred partner for industrial scale applications globally. We are committed to developing, building, owning and operating industrial scale, blue and green hydrogen projects globally, to enable a cleaner, greener future. We already have exciting project opportunities in Norway, Chile, and Uruguay but we need talented, curious and environmentally passionate individuals, like yourself, to expand our team and fulfill our vision.

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