Aize AS

Aize AS

Aize was born out of Aker to revolutionise project execution and operation in heavy-asset industries – using software to increase efficiency, improving collaboration and reducing cost. We are developed for and by domain experts that understand the challenges and opportunities that come with executing complex processes. Aize supports industrial companies with the growing need to digitise every aspect of their operations.

Aize is a software company built on Aker’s 180 years of success within heavy-asset industries. We build on the strengths of our past to make good things great and are tirelessly pursuing the transition to a more sustainable future.

Aize is a young company. A special kind of start-up. We have grown from 6 people with an idea to 200 people and a clear product strategy. In the past year, we have built a foundation that is scalable, defining who we are and what type of people we need for the future. Combined with the expertise that is accessible to us through collaboration with Cognite, Aker Solutions, Aker Horizons, and Aker BP, we have all the prerequisites to succeed with our mission.

Aize is an ambitious company, we are only getting started.

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